Best back-to-school sandwiches


Sandwiches are simple and fast lunchtime staples with limitless possibilities. Here are some tips to creating the most delicious sandwiches that kids will be excited to eat!

Choose the right bread
Get creative when choosing ingredients for sandwiches. Sometimes changing something as simple as the type of bread can make a huge difference! These days there are plenty of whole grain options out there from multigrain sandwich breads, bagels and croissants to mouth-watering flatbreads such as chapattis, pitas, naan and tortillas. Always keep three different kinds of breads in your freezer. This way, your kids won’t food jag on a particular type of bread and experience food burn out! Choose breads that have at least 2g of fiber per serving. Fiber is crucial for gut health and breads containing fiber provide long lasting energy compared to white breads.
Present the sandwiches in a fun way; presentation of food is as important for kids as it is for adults. Try using cookie cutters to make fun shaped sandwiches. It’s much more fun to eat a star shaped sandwich than a square one!

Healthy and delicious ingredients to put inside-Think proteins! 
I always like to stuff leftover dinner meats in my children's sandwiches. Some of the meats that I find great are grilled chicken, ham, fish, meatloaf and meatballs. Left over grilled meats and vegetables can also make great sandwiches! Fresh meats are a better alternative for sandwich filling than processed meats such as “cold cuts”. Some other great options for fillings are eggs, canned light tuna and tofu.  

What to spread? 
Spreads are great because they add moisture and flavor to sandwiches. Mayonnaise is quite popular but there are other more nutrient dense "spreadable alternatives". Hummus, guacamole, ricotta cheese, tofu spread and tzatziki can easily replace mayonnaise in most sandwiches.

Stuff with fruit, veggies or both!  
A great way to increase vegetable and fruit intake is to incorporate them in sandwiches! Take a look at a few of my favorite combos: 

1. Wowbutter and banana  

2. Chicken, mangoes and avocados

3. Turkey, apples and cheddar   

4. Chopped egg and celery  

5. Tuna and olives  

6. Grilled veggies and brie

7. Cheddar and apples 

8. Dill, labneh and cucumber 

9. Hummus and red peppers  

10. Mozzarella basil and tomato 

Just like anything else in life, the key to a perfect sandwich is balance! Make sure to have a range of textures: crunchy, creamy, silky and dense. Also, add a variety of flavors: sweet, salty, fresh, spicy, or tart.