Want to gain more knowledge on nutrition topics that interest you? Naureen Hunani offers a variety of workshops for parents and families. 

Baby-Led-Weaning workshop

Is your baby ready to start solid foods? If yes, Join Naureen Hunani, registered dietitian for and interactive workshop on baby-led weaning (BLW). BLW simply means skipping thin purées, spoon feeding and allowing babies to self-feed. This workshop will give parents all the tools necessary for a successful transition from breastfeeding/formula feeding to table foods. All aspects of your baby’s nutritional needs will be covered and recipes will be provided to get you started! 

     Topics covered:

  • When and how to start solids
  • The benefits of BLW
  • The best first foods  
  • Feeding tips for healthy eating
  • Family meals and feeding environment
  • Meal planning and how to adapt meals to your baby’s needs
  • Food allergies and picky eating
  • Food safety
  • Simple recipes

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Picky eating workshop


If you’re worried about your picky eater’s diet and mealtimes are becoming unpleasant for your family-this workshop is for you! In this session, I will provide parents practical tips on how to encourage children to eat a variety of foods. 

     Topics covered:

  • Understanding picky eating 
  • Reasons why kids won't eat 
  • Sensory challenges associated with picky eating 
  • Strategies to support your picky eater 
  • Tips to reduce stress and anxiety around mealtime 
  • Family meals and structure  
  • How to encourage kids to eat a variety of food?
  • Dietary supplementation 


Are you concerned regarding your child's weight? This workshop will provide parents the knowledge to better understand "weight issues" and body diversity in children of all ages. Useful strategies will be discussed to help kids achieve a healthy weight that is right for their bodies. 

     Topics covered:

  • Mindful eating
  • Meal planning, structure and routine  
  • Healthy snacking 
  • Misconceptions about weight and diets
  • Dangers of dieting  
  • Body image concerns


Lunchbox Workshop 


Packing lunches that are balanced, comply with school regulations and please your picky eaters can be a challenging task. This workshop is great for parents who are looking for healthy lunch ideas and would like to know more about packing nutritious lunch and snacks for their children. Sample lunch and snack menus are included!

Topics covered:

What is a balanced lunch?

Age appropriate portions

Managing food allergies 

Food safety tips

Getting your kids involved

Sample lunch and snack menus


Professional training

I offer a variety of workshops and continuing education courses for professionals from a variety of backgrounds including nutritionists, daycare educators and child care workers. Click here for more information.