Pediatric Nutrition

The nutritional quality of our diet affects our well-being throughout our lives, but it has an even greater impact on children whose bodies and minds are still growing.  My goal as a nutritionist is to tailor therapy and advice that fits into your lifestyle so you can raise healthy and happy children. 

Here are some of my areas of expertise:

  • Introduction to solid foods

  • Baby led weaning (BLW)

  • Reflux and elimination diets

  • Autism and ADHD

  • Food allergies and intolerance

  • Food avoidance

  • Picky Eaters/ problem feeders

  • Weight concerns

  • Dietary supplements and more

Family Nutrition

Meal planning and preparation can be overwhelming especially for busy families! Since every member is unique and has different nutritional needs, each individual’s needs should be considered in the nutrition plan. I coach families and provide them with easy solutions to help improve their nutrition and health at every stage of life.

I offer one-on-one counselling for the following:

  • Meal/ menu panning

  • Healthy eating

  • Role modelling skills to set a healthy example for children