Some children have particular challenges when it comes to eating. Sometimes, these may be related to an underlying health issue or disorder. Feeding is complex and is a learned skill. Challenges are common in both typically developing children and in children with disabilities. Almost 50% of children are identified as picky eaters at some point in their development. 

Feeding therapy helps children overcome a variety of feeding challenges such as food refusal, picky eating, reduced food intake and food selectivity by type or texture. I received specialty pediatric training in the S.O.S Approach to Feeding for children who are picky and/or problem eaters. 

My approach to feeding issues is a multidisciplinary one. I work with a team of health care professionals including occupational therapists. Together, we determine the root cause of the child’s feeding challenges. It brings me so much pleasure to see children overcome their feeding challenges and families move towards happier and healthier mealtimes. I am proud to support my community of parents and provide them with the necessary tools to raise healthy minds and bodies! 

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